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Uncertainty and Surprise Jointly Predict Musical Pleasure and Amygdala, Hippocampus, and Auditory Cortex Activity
By: Cheung, Vincent K. M.; Harrison, Peter M. C.; ... Koelsch, Stefan
CURRENT BIOLOGY   Volume: 29   Issue: 23   Pages: 4084-   Published: DEC 2 2019

Heroic music stimulates empowering thoughts during mind-wandering
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Bashevkin, Tobias; Kristensen, Joakim; et al.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 9     Article Number: 10317   Published: JUL 16 2019

The Effect of Emotional Valence on Ventricular Repolarization Dynamics Is Mediated by Heart Rate Variability: A Study of QT Variability and Music-Induced Emotions
By: Orini, Michele; Al-Amodi, Faez; Koelsch, Stefan; et al.
FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY   Volume: 10     Article Number: 1465   Published: NOV 29 2019

When the statistical MMN meets the physical MMN
By: Tsogli, Vera; Jentschke, Sebastian; Daikoku, Tatsuya; et al.
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What Are Aesthetic Emotions?
By: Menninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; ... Koelsch, Stefan
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HOT PAPER: Predictive Processes and the Peculiar Case of Music
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Vuust, Peter; Friston, Karl
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Neural Encoding of Auditory Features during Music Perception and Imagery
By: Martin, Stephanie; Mikutta, Christian; Leonard, Matthew K.; et al.
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Identifying Emotional Specificity in Complex Large-Scale Brain Networks
By: Koelsch, Stefan
EMOTION REVIEW   Volume: 10   Issue: 3   Pages: 217-218   Published: JUL 2018

Investigating the Neural Encoding of Emotion with Music
By: Koelsch, Stefan
NEURON   Volume: 98   Issue: 6   Pages: 1075-1079   Published: JUN 27 2018

Hippocampal-Temporopolar Connectivity Contributes to Episodic Simulation During Social Cognition
By: Pehrs, Corinna; Zaki, Jamil; Taruffi, Liila; ... Koelsch, Stefan
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The right inferior frontal gyrus processes nested non-local dependencies in music
By: Cheung, Vincent K. M.; ... Koelsch, Stefan
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 8     Article Number: 3822   Published: FEB 28 2018

The auditory cortex hosts network nodes influential for emotion processing: An fMRI study on music-evoked fear and joy
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Skouras, Stavros; Lohmann, Gabriele
PLOS ONE   Volume: 13   Issue: 1     Article Number: e0190057   Published: JAN 31 2018

Effects of music therapy and music-based interventions in the treatment of substance use disorders: A systematic review

By: Hohmann, Louisa; Bradt, Joke; Stegemann, Thomas; Koelsch, Stefan
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By: DePriest, John; Glushko, Anastasia; Steinhauer, Karsten; Koelsch, Stefan
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 7     Article Number: 14465   Published: OCT 31 2017

Effects of Sad and Happy Music on Mind-Wandering and the Default Mode Network
By: Taruffi, Liila; Pehrs, Corinna; Skouras, Stavros; ... Koelsch, Stefan
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 7     Article Number: 14396   Published: OCT 31 2017
The emotional power of poetry: neural circuitry, psychophysiology and compositional principles
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HOT PAPER: The Distancing-Embracing model of the enjoyment of negative emotions in art reception
By: Menninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; ... Koelsch, Stefan
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HOT PAPER: The Temporal Pole Top-Down Modulates the Ventral Visual Stream During Social Cognition
By: Pehrs, Corinna; Zaki, Jamil; ... Koelsch, Stefan
CEREBRAL CORTEX   Volume: 27   Issue: 1   Pages: 777-792   Published: JAN 2017

Neurophysiological Correlates of Musical and Prosodic Phrasing: Shared Processing Mechanisms and Effects of Musical Expertise
By: Glushko, Anastasia; Steinhauer, Karsten; DePriest, John; ... Koelsch, Stefan
PLOS ONE   Volume: 11   Issue: 5     Article Number: e0155300   Published: MAY 18 2016

The impact of acute stress on hormones and cytokines, and how their recovery is affected by music-evoked positive mood
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Boehlig, Albrecht; Hohenadel, Maximilian; et al.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 6     Article Number: 23008   Published: MAR 29 2016

Under the hood of statistical learning: A statistical MMN reflects the magnitude of transitional probabilities in auditory sequences
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Busch, Tobias; Jentschke, Sebastian; et al.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 6     Article Number: 19741   Published: FEB 2 2016

Effects of veridical expectations on syntax processing in music: Event-related potential evidence
By: Guo, Shuang; Koelsch, Stefan
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 6     Article Number: 19064   Published: JAN 19 2016.

Music and the Heart
By: Koelsch, Stefan; Jaencke, Lutz
EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL   Volume: 36   Issue: 44   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 3043.

Effects of Aesthetic Chills on a Cardiac Signature of Emotionality
By: Sumpf, Maria; Jentschke, Sebastian; Koelsch, Stefan
PLOS ONE   Volume: 10   Issue: 6     Article Number: UNSP e0130117   Published: JUN 17 2015

Autonomic Effects of Music in Health and Crohn's Disease: The Impact of Isochronicity, Emotional Valence, and Tempo
By: Krabs, Roland Uwe; Enk, Ronny; ... Koelsch, Stefan
PLOS ONE   Volume: 10   Issue: 5     Article Number: UNSP e0126224   Published: MAY 8 2015

HOT PAPER: The quartet theory of human emotions: an integrative and neurofunctional model (Physics of life reviews, 2015). Download pdf HERE. Download pdf with comments as zip-file HERE.

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Table of Contents and Preface
Amazon-link to order the book

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(NeuroImage, 2009)
   Listen to sound examples or download complete stimuli

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(Neurosciene Letters, 2009)

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    Download article OR Download article from Wiley Site (Wiley subscritption required)
    OR Send a reprint request  

Amygdala activity can be modulated by unexpected chord functions during music listening (NeuroReport, 2008)
     Download pdf  OR Send a reprint request OR read abstract on LWW site
    Click here for sound examples

Music-syntactic Processing and Auditory Memory – Similarities and Differences between ERAN and MMN (Psychophysiology, 2009)
    Download FREE article from Wiley Site OR Send a reprint request OR Download pdf 

Overlap of Musical and Linguistic Syntax Processing: Intracranial ERP Evidence (Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 2009)
     Download pdf  OR Download from Wiley Site OR Send a reprint request

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    Download pdf HERE OR Download article from Wiley Site

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    Download article HERE

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    Download article HERE or from PLoS-Site
     Click here for sound examples
    Download complete stimuli

Children with Specific Language Impairment also show impairment of music-syntactic processing (Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2008)
     Download article 
      Click here for sound examples
    Download complete stimuli

Comparing the processing of music and language meaning using EEG and fMRI (PLoS-ONE, 2008)
    Download article (please note that the order of figures is wrong in that pdf file, please 
click HERE for correct order) 

EEG correlates of moderate Intermittent Explosive Disorder (mIED) (Clinical Neurophysiology, 2008)
     Download article

A Cardiac Signature of Emotionality (European Journal of Neuroscience, 2007)
    Abstract & download-link to from Wiley Site (subscription required)
    Download article HERE 

Short-term effects of processing musical syntax (Brain Research, 2008) 
    Download article or Download article from Elsevier Site (Elsevier subscription required)
    Click here for sound examples
   Download complete stimuli

Shared Neural Resources between Music and Language Indicate Semantic Processing of Musical Tension-Resolution Patterns (Cerebral Cortex , 2008)
    Download article 
     Send a reprint request 

Cognitive components of regularity processing in the auditory domain (PLoS-ONE, 2008)
    Download paper HERE or HERE (PLoS-page)
    Download complete stimuli

Electrophysiological correlates of pleasantness and unpleasantness (Psychophysiology, 2007)
    Download article 
    Click here for sound examples
   Download complete stimuli

Untangling syntactic and sensory processing: An ERP study of music perception (Psychophysiology, 2007)
    Download article OR Download article from Elsevier Site
    Click here for sound examples
    Download complete stimuli

Investigating Emotion with Music: An fMRI study (Human Brain Mapping, 2006)
    Send a reprint request  OR Download from Wiley Site (Wiley subscription required)
    Click here for sound examples
    Download complete stimuli

Ann. N.Y. Acad. of Sci. 1060, 2006: Musical training enhances verbal skills in children

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   Listen to sound examples or download complete stimuli

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      Click here for sound examples         
      short version here: Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci.(2006): Emotional Processing of Harmonic Expectancy Violations

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   Listen to sound examples or download complete stimuli

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    Click here for sound examples
    see also: Cortex (in press): Significance of Broca's area and ventral premotor cortex for music-syntactic processing

NeuroImage 25, 2005: Adults and children processing music: An fMRI-study
     Click here for sound examples

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Clinical Neurophysiology 115, 2004: Music perception in cochlear implant users

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    Click here for sound examples
    short german version here (html)
    pdf-File of short german version here

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 15(8), 2003: Processing of Tonal Modulations

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 15(5), 2003: Children Processing Music ...

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This link includes sound examples.

Nature Neuroscience 4(5), 2001: Musical syntax is processed in Broca's area

NeuroReport 12(7), 2001: Differentiating ERAN and MMN: An ERP-study 
This link includes sound examples of auditory oddball paradimgs suited to elicit an abstract feature MMN, and a frequency MMN. It also includes sound examples of  chord sequences with music-syntactic irregularities. 

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 12(3), 2000: Brain indices of music processing - nonmusicians are musical
This link includes sound examples.  

NeuroReport 10(6), 1999: Superior pre-attentive auditory processing in musicians 
This link includes sound examples.


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