These are my 10 most-cited papers, click on the links to download pdf files, send reprint requests, or listen to sound examples

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(1) Musical syntax is processed in Broca's area (nat neurosci, 2001)
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(2) Brain indices of music processing - nonmusicians are musical 
(Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 12, 2000)
This link includes sound examples.   

(3) Bach speaks: A cortical language network serves the processing of music (NeuroImage, 17, 2002)

(4) Investigating Emotion with Music: An fMRI study (Human Brain Mapping, 2006)

(5) Superior pre-attentive auditory processing in musicians  (NeuroReport, 1999)

(6) Towards a neural basis of music perception (Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2005)

(7) Music, Language and Meaning: Brain Signatures of Semantic Processing (Nature Neuroscience, 2004)

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    short german version here (html)
    pdf-File of short german version here

(8) Adults and children processing music: An fMRI-study (NeuroImage 25, 2005)
     Click here for sound examples

(9) Effects of musical expertise on the early right anterior negativity: An event-related brain potential study (Psychophysiology, 2002)

(10) The role of harmonic expectancy violations in musical emotions: Evidence from subjective, physiological, and neural responses  (Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2006)

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